Vermicomposting or Vermiculture is a composting method where worms convert food scraps into two of the best amendments on earth: worm castings, a fancy name for worm poop, and worm tea, a liquid fertilizer derived from either castings and/or the leachate collected from a worm bin.

Vermicomposting is a great way to compost for people who don’t have yard waste, live in apartments, condominiums, or mobile home parks. The worms do most of the work so it would also be an easy method for someone who doesn’t have the strength to do regular composting with yard waste. This type of composting can also be done in a classroom.

This is a completely different system from backyard composting because it does not use yard waste, and is most commonly done in a container which allows for the collection of the leachate. It is neat, easy and odorless when done correctly.

Take a class to learn how easy it is to make vermicompost and to make your own worm bin.

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