Landfill Rules

  • Obey County personnel and signs. It is for your safety.
  • Anyone under 16 years of age and pets must remain in vehicle.
  • High visibility safety vest must be worn at all times.
  • Stay within 5 feet of your vehicle while unloading and 15 feet away from heavy equipment.
  • No alcohol, drugs, weapons, salvaging, or loitering.
  • Commercial refuse vehicles must have an operational back-up alarm.

The County is not responsible for damage to customer’s vehicle and/or equipment due to customer’s negligence or failure to follow site rules and reserves the right to deny access to anyone violating said rules or creating a safety hazard.  Landfills are dangerous construction zones.  Disposal is at customer’s own risk.  All loads subject to inspection. Disposal of hazardous, toxic, flammable, corrosive, explosive and radioactive waste/materials may be prosecuted under Health and Safety Code 25189.5 and Penal Code 374.8.  This listing may change at any time.

Landfill Rule Violation

The Department has a Notice of Infraction (NOI) program for landfill users, County and/or Department staff, Regulatory Agency personnel, members of the press, etc. who violate landfill rules. An NOI is issued by Department staff as a means to enforce landfill rules. Failure to follow Landfill Rules could result in suspension of landfill privileges.

Load Check Program

All customers using Riverside County landfills and transfer stations can expect their loads to be randomly inspected by load check employees. This program is designed to keep hazardous materials from entering Riverside County landfills. Waste loads found containing hazardous materials are turned over to the Riverside County, District Attorney’s Environmental Crimes Investigating Task Force for investigation and prosecution.  For information concerning this program you may contact Hazardous Waste Inspection Staff, at (951) 486-3200.

To help residents legally dispose of their household generated hazardous waste, the Riverside County Department of Waste Resources provides FREE regional household hazardous waste collection opportunities for its residents. Click HERE for the HHW Flyer.

Traffic Direction Program

The Traffic Direction Program enhances overall safety at Riverside County Landfills. Customers using Riverside County landfills should expect tight control of traffic and strict enforcement of site rules.





As an additional safety feature, the Department invented and implemented an Emergency Stop System (ESS) to protect you from harm. All Department Landfill traffic directors are equipped with the ESS which gives them the ability to stop every piece of heavy equipment onsite whenever they see a customer dangerously close to heavy equipment.




Uncovered Load Policy and Surcharge

The Riverside County Department of Waste Resources imposes a surcharge to vehicles entering landfills with uncovered loads. Vehicle loads must be secured or covered in a manner which, per the opinion of the General Manager-Chief Engineer or his designee, will prevent waste from falling or spilling out while the vehicle is in motion. The surcharge will be assessed for all vehicles that do not meet these standards. The surcharge applies to each site during all hours of operation. The Gate Services Assistants have been given full authorization by the General Manager-Chief Engineer to assess a surcharge for uncovered loads, as described in the policy.

Uncovered Load Policy - English  /  Uncovered Load Policy - Spanish

Landfill Fees, including surcharges (English/Spanish)