Illegal Dumping

The State of California has long fought the battle of cleaning up illegally dumped trash throughout the state. Riverside County Department of Waste Resources addresses illegal dumping cleanup with the Illegal dumping Mop uP And Cleanup Team (IMPACT).

The IMPACT program was developed in 2002 to address illegal dumping on non-maintained roads in Riverside County. In 2010, the Department of Waste Resources expanded its illegal dumping cleanup efforts to include all county roads. The IMPACT program is very successful and at the end of 2013 crews have removed over 16,500 tons of trash and 22,500 waste tires.  The tonnage and tires have come from large dumpsites throughout the county and disposing of the waste properly. The IMPACT program is very cost effective, as millions of dollars are saved each year by utilizing prison labor, keeping the Department cost at only $560,000 annually.

To request a pickup of illegally dumped waste on a county road please use the "Report Illegal Dumping" button below, call 1-800-870-6600, or use the RivCoMobile App.

*Submitting this form does not guarantee the cleanup of reported waste/items. Code Enforcement and the Department of Waste Resources will work cooperatively to determine the appropriate agency/program for cleanup.

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