Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Our Department offers FREE Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facilities, as well as FREE Temporary Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events, ABOP Facilities, and Sharps Kiosks throughout the County.    Click HERE for the HHW Flyer.

Community Clean-Ups

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors and the Riverside County Department of Waste Resources offer FREE Community Clean-Up events throughout the unincorporated areas of the County in an effort to mitigate blight in our communities.

Backyard Composting Class

This class provides an introduction to composting.  Residents will get an overview of the composting process, how different methods of composting work, and the benefits of each.  Residents learn what materials can be used for composting so that it is successful and productive.  After the class, the Department makes low cost compost bins available to Riverside County residents.  Information is also provided on how a resident can build their own compost bin.   Visit for more information.  Click HERE for the complete class schedule.

Vermicomposting Class

This class teaches residents about vermicomposting, a composting method where worms convert food scraps into two of the best amendments on earth: worm castings, a fancy name for worm poop; and worm tea, a liquid fertilizer derived from either castings or the leachate collected from a worm bin.  Residents learn how to care for the worms, make bedding, and harvest a worm bin.  Click HERE for the complete class schedule.

Make Your Own Worm Bin Workshop

Following the Vermicomposting class, there is a hands-on workshop where attendees make their own worm bins to take home.  Participants are taught how to harvest worms and receive enough worms to start their bin.  After the class, the Department makes vermicompost bin kits available for purchase to Riverside County residents, or participants can bring their own materials.  Click HERE for the supply list. Click HERE for the complete class schedule.

Green Cleaning Class

This class teaches residents the benefits of using environmentally sound cleaning practices that use less toxic ingredients.  Presenters explain why it is important to simplify our cleaning products, save money, and make a safer home environment.  We will demonstrate how easy it is to make cleaning products from ingredients most people already have in their pantry.  Participants will receive a booklet that contains recipes to make their own cleaning products at home. Click HERE for the complete class schedule.

Volunteer Orientation Classes

Join our team of volunteers and become a resource for your local community by providing your neighbors with the information and tools they need to recycle, compost and manage their waste legally and responsibly.