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Riverside County Business Model

Business Name: Lake Skinner Recreation Area- Riverside County Parks and Open Space District

Riverside Waste Wise Champion: Gold Status

Business Address:  37701 Warren rd., Winchester, CA 92596

Current Environmental Initiatives: 

Lake Skinner Recreation Area is driven to becoming the regional leader in improving lives by offering a place of outstanding scenic, recreational, and historic importance. Lake Skinner seeks to minimize its environmental footprint, consider the needs of present and future generations, and be aware of connections with the greater riverside area. We are taking steps to improve sustainability in park development, climate impact, community engagement, energy and water conservation, mind full purchasing, sustainable transportation, and waste reduction and recycling.

Specific actions taken in waste reduction include recycling beverage containers of nearly 400lbs per month. Actively removing cardboard from trash bins in favor of a recycling bin. Yard waste of grass clippings, tree trimming, and leaves are mulched and returned to the soil. Purchasing office and janitorial supplies containing recycled material where available. Reducing dependency on disposable dishes, utensils, and cups in the break room. Reducing paper usage by increasing electronic communication, printing two sided, and reusing scrap paper in arts and crafts projects at the nature center and ranger campfire programs.


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