• AB 341
  • AB 827

Business Definition per AB341

What is the definition of a "Business" according to the Mandatory Commercial Recycling Regulations?

"Business" means any commercial or public entity, that generates four or more cubic yards of commercial solid waste per week, including, but not limited to, a firm, partnership, proprietorship, joint-stock company, corporation, or association that is organized as a for-profit or nonprofit entity, strip mall (e.g. property complex containing two or more commercial entities), industrial facility, school, school district, California State University, community colleges, University of California, special district or a federal, state, local, regional agency or facility. For purpose of AB341r "business" also includes a multifamily residential dwelling of five units or more, regardless of the amount of commercial solid waste generated. 

Business Recycling Documents (pdfs)

MCR/MORe Compliance Form (English & Español)(Japanese )
Wasted Food - Food Waste Flyer (English)(Español)
CalRecycle Organics Recycling Guide for Business (English | Español)

Useful MCR Links

Contact your waste hauler
Commercial Climate Calculator - This calculator is designed for virtually any California business or multifamily residential dwelling to assess the financial, climate change, and waste reduction/environmental benefits of reducing and recycling their discarded materials. In doing so, businesses can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and keep reusable and recyclable material out of landfills.