NEW Service Rollout Information

California businesses are required to participate in recycling and organic recycling programs to minimize waste going to the landfill.  Your solid waste hauler, will be implementing these services and deploying new collection containers in 2021.  These new services may affect your service date and your hauler will alert you to any changes in the coming weeks. Rates for these services will go into effect once collection services begin.  These program changes are mandated by State and County laws. 

County Ordinance 745 requires all commercial businesses and multifamily residential dwellings within the unincorporated county to subscribe to a three bin collection service, which consists of trash, recycling and organic recycling.  This ordinance requirement is supported by Assembly Bill 341 (passed in 2012) requiring recycling services and Assembly Bill 1826 (passed in 2016) requiring organic recycling.  There are potential waivers for self-hauling, de minimis waste, or lack of space for bins.  If you feel you qualify, please contact Riverside County Department of Environmental Health Solid Waste Program at (951) 955-8980 or

Presentations for unincorporated county accounts (links below) will be conducted virtually so that you have the opportunity to hear more details about the new services and ask questions of the hauler and Riverside County.  Assistance in evaluating your overall solid waste needs is available through your waste hauler.  A free waste assessment and assistance is available to you in making any necessary changes in service to comply with the law. For unincorporated business and multifamily dwellings only.


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Five R’s of Responsible Waste Management - REDUCE, REPAIR, REUSE, RECYCLE, AND ROT.

If you commit to these five actions, there is little that must be thrown away. Choosing to follow the Five R’s ensures that resources are saved and/or reused, and the volume of waste is reduced. By keeping these actions in mind when purchasing, using, and disposing of materials, you will have done more than your share to keep our county clean and beautiful.

  • REDUCE the amount of trash you create
  • REPAIR items if possible
  • REUSE items a couple of times if possible
  • RECYCLE everything you can
  • ROT organic materials