Buy Refillable 1 lb. Gas Cylinders

compressed6One Time Use/Disposable Compressed Gas Cylinders - This includes the small 16.4 oz. and 14.1 oz. camp-type propane cylinders, helium party balloon cylinders, refrigerant cylinders and other one time use disposable cylinders.

There are now refillable cylinders that work exactly the same as your old one time use cylinders, except they can be refilled for up to 12 years. A simple refill costs approximately $2.25 which is about half the price of a non-refillable. Purchasing and refilling or exchanging the cylinder four times saves approximately $5.00 compared to purchasing 5 non-refillable cylinders! And think of all that waste generated and the disposal hassle! See for more information.

Recycling/Disposal Locations

  • Residents ONLY
  • All - Hazardous Waste Transporter