Waste that is greater than 50% moisture content is considered liquid waste, or High Moisture Content Waste (HMCW).  This waste stream includes off-specification, outdated, or recalled commercial products, including food, beverages, and non-hazardous household products in original individual consumer packaging. These items may include canned foods, beer, wine, soft drinks, fruit juices, milk, yogurt, ice cream, skin lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and other non-hazardous HMCW contained in original consumer sized packaging.

HMCW also includes waste that is generated from commercial activities such as storm drain cleaning, roadway grinding, drilling operations, filtering solids, and other HMCW generated from similar activities.

Disposal Locations

The Riverside County Landfills (Badlands and Lamb Canyon Landfills only) accept non-hazardous HMCW.

Customers shall complete the Waste Approval Process prior to disposal.  The customer shall complete the Generator Waste Profile Sheet and submit it for review and approval by the Riverside County prior to disposal.  All approved high moisture content waste load deliveries are by appointment only.  Unscheduled loads will be rejected at the site.

To download a copy of the Waste Approval Process - click HERE.

Locations & hours

Fee schedule: Routine refuse disposal rates apply