Universal Waste

Electronic Waste or E-Waste is a broad category of waste comprised of computer monitors, TVs, and electronic devices including, but not limited to: CPU/computer towers, printers, audio and video cassette players/recorders, telephones, answering machines, cell phones, CD players, stereo equipment, smoke detectors, hearing aids, and fax machines.  These items are prohibited from burial at landfills because their components might damage the environment due to high heavy metal content and other hazardous waste components

Household batteries including but not limited to single-use alkaline batteries such as AAA, AA, C, D, 9V and button cell; rechargeable nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, and lithium batteries. Rechargeable and single-use batteries both contain toxic and corrosive components that must be managed properly. Batteries can no longer be disposed of in regular trash. They can be recycled and made into new batteries.

Waste lamps are the bulb or tube portion of an electric lighting device including, but is not limited to, fluorescent, high intensity discharge, neon, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps and may contain toxic heavy metals or other hazardous chemicals and must not be thrown away in the trash.

Mercury Containing Equipment (MCE) includes thermostats, mercury switches, non-automotive mercury switches, dental amalgam, pressure or vacuum gauges, thermometers, dilators and weighted tubing, gas flow regulators, etc.

Aerosol containers with material remaining in the container, including those due to a clogged nozzle, damaged valve, or loss of propellant must be managed properly. Empty household aerosol containers (emptied to the maximum extent practical under normal use) are NOT regulated and may be disposed of as regular refuse.

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Additional Cell Phone Recycling Options


Keep California Beautiful, 1-800-CLEANCA or www.KAB.org

Phones4Charity.org, 1-888-846-0818 or www.phones4charity.org 

Recellular, 1-800-441-1544, http://www.sellcell.com/recellular- For businesses interested in buying or selling a large quantity of cell phones or other electronics equipment.

The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation, 1-678-419-9990, www.rbrc.org, www.call2recycle.org - maintains a list of stores and organizations that accept cell phones for recycling.

Hopeline - Cell Phones for Domestic Violence Victims, http://www.verizon.com/about/responsibility/hopeline/contact-hopeline

Cell Phone Providers and Manufacturers - many have additional recycling and disposal options. Please contact them directly for more information.

additional recycling options for hearing aids

Additional Computer Recycling Options

Regional Occupational Program Vocational School (Indio), 760-863-3300

City of Riverside Digital In Class Program, 951-905-2026

Computer Manufacturers - Many computer manufacturers throughout the country have buy-back or recycling programs that will properly dispose of your old computer. Terms and conditions for each manufacturer vary. See the following websites or call for additional information.

Dell, http://www.dell.com/recycling, 1-800-915-3355

Gateway, http://us.gateway.com/gw/en/US/content/recycling, 1-888-888-2075

HP, http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/globalcitizenship/environment/recycling/product-recycling.html, 1-800-752-0900

Additional Hearing Aid Recycling Options


Do you have an old hearing aid that might be of use to someone else? If so, then donate to one of the following charities that will provide them to a person that needs it.

Lion’s Club, call 630-571-5466, ext. 334 to find the chapter nearest you

John Tracy Clinic/Hope for Hearing, http://recyclewhere.org/vendor/john-tracy-clinichearing-aid-donations-0

The Hearing Foundation’s HEAR NOW Division, 1-800-648-4327, http://www.starkeyhearingfoundation.org

The House Ear Institute of Los Angeles, 1-213-483-9930, TDD 1-213-484-2642

Additional Smoke Detector Recycling Options


Call the companies below for details regarding their programs.

Family Safety Products, 616-530-6540

First Alert, 800-392-1395

GE Securities, 503-692-4052

Honeywell, 800-328-5111

Maple Chase, 630-719-5500

Masterguard, 972-393-1700

Sears, Will take back any that they sell without receipt.

Triad Safety Systems Responses, 308-236-7062

Walter Kidde, 919-563-5911

Additional Lamp/Bulb Recycling Options

Contact the companies below for details regarding their programs.

AERC Recycling Solutions, 1-714-400-3350

Home Depot, http://www6.homedepot.com/ecooptions/stage/pdf/cfl_recycle.pdf

Lighting Resources, Inc., 1-800-572-9253

Waste Management Inc., http://www.WMLampTracker.com, 1-800-664-1434

This information above is offered as a public service in an effort to eliminate illegal and improper waste disposal. As the information may not be comprehensive, the Department encourages the public to research additional companies that are available for the services sought. The companies are not affiliated, endorsed or regulated by the Department. Accordingly, as with any professional service, please confirm the accuracy of the company’s information and request copies or verification of the company's license and/or permits to provide the service, prior to utilizing its services. Under no circumstances, directly or indirectly, shall the Department be held responsible or liable for reliance on this information.  If you would like to include your company on the list, please contact Waste-Approval@rivco.org or call (951) 486-3200.