Recycling Locations

Riverside County Landfills

Appliances are accepted at all Riverside County landfills with the following restrictions:

  • Up to four (4) appliances will be accepted per day from each residential customer.
  • Appliances are not accepted from commercial/business loads.  A business is defined as organizations including corporations, schools, churches, non-profits and other commercial entities. This restriction also applies to residential cleanup crews that are removing residentially generated waste from private residences.
  • The appliances must be placed by the customer in designated areas as directed by site personnel.  Customers are directed to place these items in the designated staging area in a manner that prevents spills of oil and fuels. Residents shall remove all food content from appliances prior to arrival.  
  • Appliances may not be delivered comingled with other solid waste.  Waste loads containing appliances mixed with solid waste will be refused.  Customers who repeatedly contaminate their waste loads with commingled appliances may be banned from the site.

Locations & hours

Fee schedule:  Routine refuse disposal rate and appliance surcharge apply.

Local Recyclers

A list of certified appliance recyclers is available HERE.  Please call ahead for details.

Donation Locations

Thrift Shops/Pawn Shops/Repair Shops

Many thrift stores will accept these items for donation if they are in usable condition.  Also try pawn shops or repair shops that rebuild and refurbish these items.  Please check your local telephone directory for a thrift store or repair shop near you.

Waste Guide

Need help finding where you can take your waste to dispose or recycle it? Click on any of the links below to get the answers. Each link provides recycling and/or disposal information and locations.

If your waste type is not listed below, please contact the Department at (951) 486-3200 or at and we'll be happy to help you.