Waste Audit

Once you identify your business’ waste stream (what you throw away), you can identify where it can go for reuse or recycling instead of being landfilled.

A waste audit is a method of determining the waste characterization of the business or multi-family residential units. Waste characterization means finding out how much paper, glass, food waste, etc. is discarded in the waste stream. If you see materials such as cardboard, paper, or metals in your trash, having a recycling bin added to your service may save your business money as well as comply with the legislation.  

A waste audit typically involves collecting, sorting, and weighing waste generated at the facilities. Waste characterization information helps in planning how to reduce waste, set up recycling programs, and conserve money and other resources. Identifying the waste characterization is a critical component of conducting a waste assessment.

Please contact your trash service hauler to see if they provide waste audits, or perform a self audit of your business waste by completing the Waste Material Audit Form. This form will help you to identify potential recycling opportunities. Once the business or multi-family residential units have determined the type of materials that are being put in the trash, a recycling program can be created to maximize cost savings and preserve resources. The form can be submitted via e-mail to the Department and if you have additional questions staff is available to assist. If you should have any additional questions, please feel free to e-mail staff at Waste-CompostingRecycling@rivco.org.