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Schedule a Speaker 

Speakers are availible at no cost for classroom discussions about recycling, composting, vermicomposting or managing food waste. Presentations are grade/age appropriate for each age group and are interactive including bringing a working worm bin with live worms. Speakers are also availible for after-school clubs and homeschool groups. 3rd-12th grades. 



Free Vermicomposting or Compost Bin

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Schools with a garden can get one FREE composting or vermicomposting bin. Start a school composting program and teach kids about soil and the earth. Request a bin by submitting a letter on school letterhead signed by the school principal. One bin per school.

Address the letter to:
Hans Kernkamp, General Manager-Chief Engineer
Riverside County Department of Waste Resources
14310 Frederick Street
Moreno Valley, CA 92553



Composting Mentor

compostmentor1  compost mentor 2  compost mentor 3 

Does your school have a garden? Do you need help with composting? We can help! We can assign an Outreach Volunteer to become your school's composting mentor. Call 951-486-3200 and ask to speak to a Recycling Specialist.



Visit the Education Center 

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Your students can visit the Lamb Canyon landfill in Beaumont to see first hand the importance of recycling and managing waste. Visits availible by appointment only: Monday-Thursday, 9am-1:30pm. 3rd-12th grades. 



Smarter Lunchrooms 

Studies show that up to 40% of school cafeteria food is thrown out. And 1 in 8 CA families are food insecure. We can help your school develop food reduction and rescue programs. Call us at 951-486-3200 to let us help you develop a smarter lunchroom.



California Education and

the Environment Initiative


Learn how to make environmental literacy and integral part of K-12 instruction. EEI provides educators with profesional learning and instructional materials that demonstrate how to blend the environment into the teaching of traditional academic subjects like science, history, and English language arts. Visit for additional information.


Become a Zero Waste Hero

Every student can become a Zero Waste Hero, contact us at 951-486-3200 to find out how!

Register NOW for the 2019 Keep California Beautiful K-12 Recycling Challenge.

$18,000 in cash awards available.

Simple to enter. Simple to participate. Simply recycle.