In an effort to improve our communities and eradicate graffiti, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors and the Riverside County Department of Waste Resources have joined forces to provide a graffiti abatement program to serve all of the County's unicorporated areas. 

Take pride in your community and be active.  Report graffiti in your community by phone (951.955.3333 or 866.732.1444), using the "Report Graffiti" button below, or the RivCoMobile App.  If you have any questions, please direct them to  If you see graffiti within city limits, contact the city directly.  A list of graffiti hotline numbers for cities and service districts is located below.

Graffiti Hotline Numbers

Unincorporated Areas' Graffiti Hotline: 951-955-3333 or 1-866-732-1444

Western Riverside County

  • Banning General Information: 951-922-3105
  • Beaumont General Information: 951-769-8520
  • Calimesa General Information: 909-795-9801
  • Canyon Lake General Information: 951-244-2955
  • Corona Graffiti Hotline: 951-817-5841
  • De Luz Community Services District
  • Desert Hot Springs Police Department: 760-329-2904
  • Eastvale Graffiti Hotline: 951-727-3500
  • Hemet Public Works Department: 951-765-3712
  • Jurupa Community Services District – Services Jurupa Valley Graffiti Hotline: 951-727-3500
  • Lake Elsinore Graffiti Hotline for Public Property: 951-674-5170
    Graffiti Hotline for Private Property: 951-674-3124 Extension 229
  • Menifee Graffiti Hotline: 951-246-6216
  • Moreno Valley Graffiti Hotline: 951-413-3171
  • Murrieta Graffiti Hotline:  951-461-6124 or Online Form to Report Graffiti
  • Norco Public Works Department: 951-270-5607
  • Perris General Information: 951-943-6100
  • Riverside Graffiti Hotline: 866-824-3733
  • San Jacinto Graffiti Hotline: 951-654-4041
  • Temecula Graffiti Hotline: 951-240-4220
  • Valley Wide Recreation and Park District – (Services Homeland/Romoland & Valle Vista) Graffiti Hotline: 951-654-1505 
  • Wildomar General Information: 951-677-7751

Desert Areas of Riverside County

  • Blythe Public Works Department: 760-922-6611
  • Cathedral City Graffiti Hotline: 760-770-8286
  • Indian Wells Public Works Department: 760-776-0237
  • Coachella Public Works Department: 760-398-3002
  • Indio Graffiti Hotline: 760-347-8451
  • La Quinta Public Works Department: 760-777-7051
  • Palm Desert Maintenance Services: 760-340-5776
  • Palm Springs General Information: 760-323-8299
  • Rancho Mirage General Information: 760-324-4511
  • Southern Coachella Valley Community Services District

Tips to help prevent graffiti vandalism:

  • Keep your property well maintained
  • Keep your property well-lit; vandals fear light
  • Eliminate reasons for loitering such as benches, pay phones, etc.
  • Plant bushes or fences in areas to impede access to buildings
  • Install security cameras and motion sensor lighting
  • Limit access to roofs
  • Report suspicious activity and encourage neighbors to do the same
  • Take pictures or video of all graffiti attacks

Don’t discount graffiti vandalism as a harmless prank. It is a crime, so treat it as one and report it to the police. If someone is caught, follow through with arrest and prosecute!

Be proactive! You are responsible for your property and its upkeep.

Organize neighborhood watch groups.



Types of Graffiti

  • Tagger-tags, monikers, murals, more ornate
  • Gangs-intimidate, mark turf or send messages/terrritorial rather than regional, leads to violence and usually involves multiple symbols
  • Snipe-advertisement type graffiti such as signs or posters without permission
  • Hate- racial, religious, or cultural slurs
  • Generic or conventional graffiti-includes random markings

Graffiti Lingo

  • Tag-a stylized signature usually simple and one color
  • Throw up-a more elaborate tag normally using more than one color, but it takes much less time than a piece
  • Pieces-short for masterpieces, these are large, detailed drawings, sometimes in 3-D or other special effects
  • Bombing-to hit many different surfaces with graffiti vandalism
  • Crew-a group of graffiti vandals
  • Slash-to put a line through or graffiti over someone else’s graffiti
  • Burner-a very large, elaborate, detailed piece of graffiti
  • Buffing-to remove graffiti by chemical or other methods