Compost Bins Available for Purchase - during COVID-19

  • $13 each.    NO CASH.  Credit card (Visa and MasterCard only).  Service fee applies for credit card purchases.
  • Call 951-486-3200 and purchase the bins over the phone. Processing of bin sales is available Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00 a.m. to noon. 

  • Compost bins are available for curbside pickup at the Riverside County Department of Waste Resources Administration Office, Tuesdays and Thursdays  8:00 a.m. to noon.  Once you arrive at the Administrative Office, call 951-486-3200 and your bins will be brought out to the parking area.

  • Purchaser must show proof of identification that matches the credit card used to purchase the bins at time of pickup.

  • Bins available for purchase by Riverside County residents only.geobin

  • Limit of three compost bins per household.

  • Subject to availability.

  • No refunds.

  • Bin Specifications (includes size of packaging and the bin in use)



Build a Compost Bin

Build a Bin

build a binYou can also build your own bin using supplies found at the hardware store. Click HERE to obtain plans provided by CalRecycle to build a compost bin.




Composting Documents (pdf)

Composting - Nature's Way of Recycling (English | Spanish)
Compost Ingredient List (English | Spanish)
Bulk Sources of Compost (English)
CalRecycle Compost Bin Design (English)

Composting Class Resources

Home Composting Made Easy, by C. Forrest McDowell, PhD & Tricia Clark- McDowell (Cortesia Press)
Let It Rot, by Stu Campbell (Storey Book 3rd Edition)
The Rodale Book of Composting, by Gracy Gershuny and Deborah I. Martin (Rodale Press)