Cooking oil is not a hazardous waste, but it can cause damage to our environment. Because of this, cooking oil should never be dumped down the kitchen sink drain or into the toilet bowl.

CRT Panel Glass

CRT panel glass means any glass separated from CRT funnel glass derived from the treatment of one or more CRTs. CRT panel glass consists only of the face plate of a CRT containing a phosphor viewing surface.  CRT panel glass does not include the frit.

Disposal Locations

Riverside County Landfills

CRT panel glass which contains constituents/metals below the threshold limits may be accepted at the Riverside County landfills (Badlands and Lamb Canyon) on a case-by-case basis once approved through the Department's CRT Panel Glass Waste Acceptance Program (CPGWAP).  A copy of the Department's CPGWAP can be obtained by calling (951) 486-3200 or by clicking HERE.  The CPGWAP includes information regarding acceptance criteria to help customers properly obtain approval for the use of a County Landfill if the waste is deemed acceptable.

In addition to the Department’s CPGWAP, generators who wish to dispose of their CRT panel glass at Riverside County landfills are required to comply with the State Department of Toxic Substances Control’s (DTSC) emergency regulations to properly treat, manage, and evaluate the CRT panel glass waste, for disposal [California Code of Regulations, Title 22 (Title 22 CCR), Division 4.5, Chapter 23, Article 8, Section 66273.81], and notify the DTSC of the disposal destination [Title 22 CCR, Division 4.5, Chapter 23, Article 8, Section 66273.82]. 



Recycling and Disposal Locations

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Earth 911 has a list of businesses and facilities that accept used cooking oil.

Riverside County Landfills

Food Waste and Cooking Oil - Accepted at all Riverside County Landfills with the following conditions:

  • If less than 50% moisture content and non-putrefied: accepted at all Riverside County Landfills with no special conditions.

  • If greater than 50% moisture content - See the Liquid Waste page.

Locations & hours

Fee schedule

Earth 911 has a list of businesses and facilities that accept used cooking oil.

Hazardous Waste Transporter  

To find a Hazardous Waste Transporter, please visit:

Commercial Hauling Companies

Imperial Western Products,, Toll Free (800) 975-6677 or (760) 398-0815
Inland Pumping Company, (951) 734-8816
J. N. Grease Service, (951) 343-1221
J.C.'s Grease Buyers, (951) 736-1198 
Mr. Rooter,
Sanco Pumping Service, (760) 327-8859 
SMC Grease Specialist,, (951) 788-6042
White House Sanitation,, (888) 400-4330

Waste Guide

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