Online Zero Waste Hero Program

Have you ever wondered how you create so much trash at home despite your best waste reduction efforts? Many people are interested in preventing waste and recycling but aren’t sure what else they can do to minimize or eliminate trash. Whether you’re a long time recycler or novice this program is for you!  Learn how to slash your trash by joining Riverside County’s first round of the Zero Waste Hero program for FREE to Riverside Unincorporated County Residents.

Riverside County’s Zero Waste Hero program is looking for 40 households, within the Unincorporated County, to participate in the three-month-long program that takes an in-depth look at the goods we buy and waste we create to uncover opportunities to recycle more and reduce waste.

The Zero Waste Hero Program will help you better understand the waste your household generates, decide the best waste-reduction actions for you to take, and provide you with support and resources to reach your goals.

Participate In the first Zero Waste Hero Program

With county staff assistance, participating households identify low-waste lifestyle changes they would like to make and track their progress by reporting the amount of recycling and trash generated in their homes.

Participating households will:

  • Receive hands-on, personalized coaching to assess the waste generated in their homes, develop a customized waste-reduction plan, and make low-waste lifestyle changes.
  • Have opportunities to attend waste-reduction workshops on topics like low-waste shopping, preventing food waste, and backyard composting.
  • Receive bi-weekly tips on waste reduction topics and access to supplies and educational materials.
  • Connect with other households striving to live lower waste lifestyles.

Participating households commit to tracking and reporting the waste their household generates for one week at the beginning, middle, and end of the program (3 weeks total), as well as scheduling time for virtual home visits with county staff to identify areas where they would like to eliminate waste.  Staff will assist participants in making their best attempt to adopt actions to reduce the amount of waste created in their households.

May 1, 2021 - August 14, 2021

February 26, 2022 - June 4, 2022
Applications due no later than Saturday, Februay 19, 2022. 


Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Zero Waste Hero Program, please call 951-486-3200 or email to speak to a Recycling Specialist.